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Resetting or adding money to your paper trading account (ThinkOrSwim)

If you are Paper trading in ThinkOrSwim you probably will at some point want to reset the dollar amount you are starting with, or reset the account back to a certain amount if you have a draw down and want to restart using a different strategy. (FYI – you can click on any of these […]

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What is a ThinkOrSwim Study Set and how to install one

One of the most powerful and useful features of ThinkOrSwim is the ability add studies to charts and write (or download) custom studies. ThinkOrSwim has a sharing platform where users can create special sharing links. These links can then be used by other ThinkOrSwim users to download the custom Thinkscript code to install custom scans, […]

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Setting Up Your ThinkOrSwim Platform Layout

ThinkOrSwim is one of the highest rated trading platforms available. The reason for this is that it is a stable platform that is highly customizable. When I first started using ThinkOrSwim I wasn’t a huge fan. It didn’t feel very intuitive to me. It was complicated and had a steep learning curve. But, once I […]

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